Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Switzerland's Fickle Summer

Yesterday was rainy and cool. Today's sunny and warm. Fickle, fickle summer here. So unlike the relentless dry hot winds of Croatia and the Adriatic Sea where my other half and I were for two weeks.

We drove home on Sunday under a deeply bruised sky that spelt the end of our vacation. How can one part of Europe be so different from another, just 800km away?

Today is a salad of catching up with email on a PC I'm not used to and a series of chores - to be dressed and blessed with a tea later in the company of two friends and their daughters. No access to photos that I can upload. Sigh.

Until my laptop is reconciled with the Internet...


Kenny Mah said...

The weather takes after the men and the women, no? We are all fickle in our own ways. ;)

Hope you get your laptop reconciled with the Internet soon; this trial separation is most disturbing... :P

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

I'm glad you're back (sorta back). Miss your funny comments.

wonda said...

Believe it or not, Japan's summer is worse than Malaysia. So unbearable humid and hot!

Tunku Halim said...

We are in the grip of winter here in Tasmania. There'll be snow on Mt Wellington overnight ... and I've got a cold! Enjoy your weather ... :)

Argus Lou said...

Thanks, people, for the comments. You know what? I was 'locked' out of commenting on my blog 'coz I had forgotten the password, ha ha indeed.

Kenny, you're about the first guy to admit he's fickle. Yes, the laptop is back with the wireless Internet connection, but the Croatia pictures are not yet ready. Bish!

Lyrical, thanks. I missed commenting too - with my inane musings.

I can believe it. Methinks M'sia's weather is not too bad if you don't sit or walk in the sun.

Poor TH, hope your cold goes away with some hot chicken soup and your soul gets soothed by the view of the snow-hatted mountain.

My old living-room

My old living-room
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A cherished dream

A cherished dream
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