Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Gay Paree, May Paree!

Recently, went to Paris to meet two smiley ex-colleagues, one of whom was on assignment there. Together we did the touristy thing and visited the Louvre -- did you know Monna Lisa is spelt this way?! -- the Eiffel, Champs-Elysee and Montmart, the vibrant artistic part of the city near the Sacred Heart church where they filmed 'Amelie'.

Here are a few pictures:

(top left) Joan of Arc in the Louvre: 'Ah kin hear Ya but will I listen? Ya know what I mean?'
(lower right) A (peeping Tom's!) view of the bed & breakfast where we stayed at the edge of Paris.
(above right) Eiffel invaded by gigantic roses.


Tunku Halim said...

She must moan a lot with all those pushing elbowing inquisitive visitors - bullet proof glass notwithstanding. :)

gRaCe said...

Wahhh...bestnya.. Should've asked u to send me a postcard from there. Am trying to collect postcards from all over..;o)

You must've had loads of fun huh? =D

Argus Lou said...

Ha ha, TH. Moana Lisa could be a more apt way of spelling her name, you think? You just wonder why anyone in their right mind would want to shoot a painting. But then again, those who do are not in their right minds, eh?

Grace, it was a lot of fun relaxing and exploring with two people I know well.
I can get you postcards from the south of France (where I'm going for a week; unfortunately the Cannes Film Fest and Monaco Grand Prix are going on around this time, so things could be pretty hairy). How about a cow postcard from Switzerland where I live? Some of them have swishing tails and blinking eyes. Cute.

gRaCe said...

Thank you! thank you! *jumps up and down* Postcards from Switzerland would be wonderful! South of France sounds interesting as well.. if you have the time to send me one. =D

How can i give u my house address?

Argus Lou said...

I've emailed to both of your 'Net addresses, Spiff. Hope you got 'em and can email to me your hse add. Happy to oblige!

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