Friday, October 6, 2006

Sad Day -- Oct 6, 2006, Friday

Today, Nico the dog (a nod to Chuck Palahniuk, but named by the shelter folk) had to go back to the Tierheim (animal shelter) because we did not think putting him in a crate most of the time is the way to house-train a dog (as suggested by the shelter people).

Nico is a wind dog, a Podenco mischling (mix); his ancestors hunted rabbits and hares with Spaniards. We wish for him a wonderful family with a big yard or a meadow to gallop and romp around in, chasing leaves and sniffing scents. We loved you, Nico. We love you still and miss you so.


Xeus said...

Oh, he is cute :(

But don't give up on him yet. Once crated, he will calm down and you can let him out for longer and longer periods. My Hunny dog and Blinky dog were trained that way. You've seen how calm they are.

Argus Lou said...

My dear Xeus, Nico has gone back to the Tierheim, where at least he gets to romp and run in the biggish enclosure twice a day with his brothers and sisters. We said a fond and sad farewell.

What was the dog going to do when I'm abroad and R is at work for 8 hours? A yard is what we need if we have a canine housemate. Till next time then.

My old living-room

My old living-room
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A cherished dream
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