Friday, January 4, 2013

A brief tribute to 2012

Oh, I really did forget to blog for the whole, the WHOLE of 2012. My, my. How the indolent have fallen -- farther. December 2012 - We spend our time quietly at home as R has company holidays from Dec 22 and Jan 2, with a trip or two to Zugerberg. Our former neighbours move to their newly built house 3.5km away and are kind enough to invite us to dinner. Theirs is a beautiful modern two-storey structure on former farm land - lots of glass and light. R also does a lot of cooking trying out new dishes, most of which are pretty good.
November - I start writing for as a columnist about life in Switzerland as seen through the eyes of a Malaysian. When deadline day looms, you'd find me scrambling to finish a story. Actually starting is the hardest - once I get started the article comes out quite easily from my fingertips and brain-tips. October - It snows in the last week! Amazing lovely thick snow. The dog is overjoyed too. Before that shocker, a short trip to Appenzell to look at those famous windows and facades. September - It feels like a glorious short autumn and it turns out so. A trip to the pretty Mosel river in Germany - lovely vineyards and cute little hotels in Beilstein.
August - Things are cooling down but just a bit. Indian summer keeps popping up - well into September. A four-day trip to Chamonix, France. I love the Endless Summer blue hydrangeas we bought from Bochum - so many heads of flowers!
July - Barbeques and dips in the river Lorze. Walking lazily in the park with the dog who loves to swim and then throw herself upside-down on the grass, being cheeky. A Zug lake ferry ride to Risch from Cham and walking all the way back.
June - R's birthday means lots of good food and some good weather. Still in the caravan but going home within a couple of days.
May - Caravan trip through France to the Atlantic coast. Lots of rillette, baguettes, cheese and confiture. Go seeking for raw milk cheeses to try. They are truly tastier than cheese made from pasteurised milk or thermised milk. April - Lovely spring flowers popping up everywhere. Love it! That Japanese magnolia tree is pure magic. A trip to Montreux and Vevey charm us with its poppies.
March - First narcissus and crocuses in the Cham lake park. February - First snowdrops lift their heads from the cold and bloom under the apple trees in front of our neighbour's house opposite.
January - Winter rules. We spend a few days up in a mountain village in Braunwald, Glarus, where there are no cars - only electric carts and horse carriages.


Roberthussy said...
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My Food Safari said...

Hi JY,

It's Yok Sim. Winter there looks so cold. What's your FB name? I'm starting to blog again.

Argus Lou said...

hi, Yok Sim. I did wonder how you were doing. My fb name is Jy Kraska.
I found a Chong Yoke Sim there but not sure if that's you.

My Food Safari said...

I can't find you on FB. My FB name is Sim Chong. See if you can find me.

Miń∑elis Matvejevs said...

How would it be possible to contact you in order to organise cooking lessons? If you still to it please respond to

aw said...

Hey, I thought you stopped blogging. Glad you did. Are those windows some kind of stained glass ones? Love the flowers and the scenery but snow? No thanks.

What is Sometimes choosing a topic to write can be a problem, too

Shaye walsh said...

Hi, I couldn’t seem to find an email. And I really wanted to ask you a question about your dog?

Argus Lou said...

Hi, Shaye. You can ask it here. Thanks.

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A cherished dream
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